Top Mink Blanket Manufacturer In Panipat


As a leading global Mink Blanket Manufacturer in Panipat, we believe in creating the best products for the best companies out there. And we don’t imagine our standards will drop anytime soon. Hence, we are committed to designing, crafting and assembling the best merchandise on the market. Neelmani Home Furnishings has its manufacturing plant equipped with latest machinery and equipments located on Barsat Road, Panipat which has tonns of production capacity with international standard of quality.


Our Infrastructure


We provides a world class, safe and hazard free, well fit and ventilated work environment to our staff. In addition, here is provision for clean drinking water and clean washrooms for the people who work for us. Furthermore, adequate fire safety measures have been in its manufacturing facility. Most noteworthy, we are situated in textile hub Panipat because that makes simple for our customer to contact us with their everyday prerequisites, enquiries, criticism and gatherings.


Our Vision/ Mission


To serve its customers worldwide as well as provide them the best quality at the most reasonable prices.


Our Values


People are the main and constant point of reference for our actions. The company has always kept pace with changing trends in the international Home Furnishing market and its diverse requirements.

Our Team


With highly motivated in technical staff, we constantly tries to attain the highly professional as well as realigning skilled staff. Expertise team with intensive experience in home furnishings stock sourcing, assure us to go in depth of costing and providing “Value for money” goods, so to provide our clients a good area to play in sales.


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